• Want a healthier body, more energy, and more money...

    Without burning yourself out?

What if wealth is not what you think it is about… 

  • Do you feel like life would be easier if there were 4 of you?
  • Does food sometimes feel like your only pleasure?
  • Are your health and your weight always in the back of your mind?
  • Does there never seem to be enough time, enough energy, or enough money?
  • Have you been feeling a general sense of dissatisfaction and boredom, even when you are so busy?
  • And you’ve been this way for at least 10 years, hoping that it will change “someday”?

I get it.  You’ve worked hard to get where you are and don’t know how to get more of what you want without working harder, hoping that it will pay off.

We need to talk…

You see, money is not your problem. It’s that you’ve been taught that life is about lack.

Hello, love!

I’m Dr. Stephania Sciamano. 

I help you create true health and wealth with balance, not burnout.

My specialty?  Activating your wealth grid.

I’ve worked with 100‘s of leaders to find out and resolve what’s blocking them from the 4 Levels of Wealth.   Maybe you need to motivate your self-healing power, learn to manage your energy, discover your Zone of Genius, or change your relationship with money.  Let me help you uncover what it is.  

It’s your time to to rise, break free, and get the wealth rolling in. 



It is totally within your reach.

You just need to be shown how.

Before my session with Dr. Stephania, I was feeling incredibly drained both physically & emotionally.  Afterward, I genuinely felt revitalized.  I would highly recommend Dr Stephania Sciamano.

Dr. Aviva Wertkin
Dr. Aviva WertkinNaturopathic Physician

With Dr. Stephania’s help, I found balance, confidence, and peace in a hectic and fast paced life.  I learned to slow down, stay present and listen to my body.  My life feels much more abundant after working with her.

Marie Mozzi
Marie MozziNutrition and Fitness Expert

As a professional business woman who needs to be clear headed every moment of every day, Dr. Stephania and her services are PRICELESS!  I am amazed at how fast she works and how much better I feel.

Becky Mashuta
Becky MashutaSpiritual Interpretor

Dr. Stephania has helped me improve my ability to handle stresses and remain balanced without burning myself out.  I’ve never had this sense of wholeness and wealth before.  When you’re with Dr. Stephania, you become whole.

Kali Christman
Kali Christman