to reach your highest potential


After years of practicing medicine, my own transformation, and seeing what works and what doesn’t, here is how I know that I can help you:

Do any of these strike a cord?

  • You get worn out from your attention being pulled in so many directions

    and it’s always been this way.

  • Sometimes focusing on yourself feels like one more thing to do.

    But the truth is, sometimes you fill life with more work and distractions to avoid the real issues.

  • You’ve got this voice of disapproval and judgment in your head

    but nobody can tell because you do a good job of looking put together.

  • You feel like you don’t have time to slow down.

    Until life makes you and you get sick.

  • You need to find a sense of freedom

    …but you’ve spent most of your life living by other people’s rules

  • Sometimes you feel stifled and trapped

    but all of your energy goes toward trying to hold everything together

Maybe in the past, all of these things have led to you veg’ing out on the couch and eating junk for a few days, but you don’t want to do that anymore.  You know that you need to get some answers so you don’t lose your edge.

And love, I’m here to help and I get it.  I’ve been the doctor and I’ve worked on the physical reasons why your mind and body get sluggish.  It wasn’t until I was able to see the effects of the pain of not living life by my own rules that I was able to finally facilitate transformation in myself and others.

I have seen it all and tried it all (myself) and this much I know –

That until you fix the deeper root, by getting honest about what works for you personally, you will continue falling again and again into the same vicious patterns.

I want to introduce you to the REAL YOU, so you can finally feel free. 

You can up-level and feel liberated if you get super clear on what works for you Physically + Mentally + Emotionally + Spiritually.  

You need to be you on all 4 levels to supercharge your energy and create your ideal life.

You’re in luck.  I specialize in how it all fits together.

Skyrocketing your life into the stratosphere doesn’t have to be hard. That’s just what we’ve all been told.  I want to show you that there is an easier way, a way that works.

My programs suit your needs because we custom-build it around you.  Packages that take you from overwhelmed and pushing on to happy,  focused, and free.  Each program has the essential elements of Strategy + Action + Healing on all 4 Levels of You.

Are you ready? 

Think of transformation of your life and energy like a spa process. There are different tools for different levels and the process evolves as you go.

Then check out the options below, love.
Stephania Sciamano


If we haven’t met and you have no idea what you need, click below to apply for a Complimentary 15 min call.  I will assess your needs and let you know the best way forward.

Energy Makeover Session

This 55 minute session is like time with your doctor, shaman, and energy strategist, all rolled into one.   It’s a psychic reading, a whopping helping of healing, and a dash of health advice.

We identify:

  • Your 3 top energy drains
  • The 3 areas of your life that are perpetuating those drains
  • And then the 3 best steps forward.

You can come with a question if that feels good to you.  You’ll get mass amounts of clarity, direction, and laughter.  ~$279 BOOK NOW

Soul Immersion Day


Do you need a strategy and healing method to solve your biggest challenge, like yesterday?

Do you need a strong shot of healing expertise and intuitive genius to get you on to the next level?

Do you have a lifestyle and schedule that best fits something quick?

Then the Soul Immersion VIP Day, is for you.


Is your energy “good” yet you know that you want to achieve so much more and you want avoid burnout?  Do you want to find a way that balance can be easy and joyful?

Do you want more personalized insight into how to maximize your brain function, sharpen your intuition, manage your health, and get back to yourself?

Are you ready to leap into your next level of power with more energy, more emotional stability, and the support to make that happen?

Then, The Energy Mastery 3 month Program was created just for you.


The Diamond 6 month Program will give you all you need to have more energy, more happiness, and more vibrant health.

There is a much easier way to let go and let life bring you joy and abundance.  But first, you need to learn to create rapid results.  It’s all about mastering the art of being you, unleashing your Wild side, and giving yourself permission to be happy.  Then, we couple that with unique strategy, deep healing, and my highest level of support.

Once you do that, your days of pushing and struggling are over.

Talk about transformation…Yes, you can!

Kali Christman

I’ve never found anyone who digs as deep as Dr. Stephania.  My emotions feel more balanced, my joints feel better, I love myself more, and I truly feel cared for! My job is more enjoyable, I find more love and value in my relationships, and I am more content with who I am and am excited for the opportunity for new potential that I didn’t recognize before.

Kali ChristmanMedical Assistant
Lyndsay Meiklem Dean

What always impresses me about Dr. Stephania is the level of warmth and gratitude I feel within the very professional atmosphere she creates. She is one of the best listeners I have ever met and her suggestions and insights have always been absolutely spot on no matter what we discuss. She has an incredible gift for allowing her own intuitive abilities to act as a conduit to serve her clients with utmost attention to the individual. I have referred many friends to her over the years and will continue to sing her praises!

Lyndsay Meiklem DeanYoga Studio Owner, The Vegan Potter
Katie Discordia

I started working with Dr. Stephania because I was tired ALL the time and I wanted to take a more natural approach to fixing this.  She was able to help me right away and also took the time to not only figure out what was going on inside my body, but she also tapped into how I was doing mentally and emotionally.  With her help and guidance, I realized how much of an impact my mental state had on my physical state.  I am more balanced, renewed, and aligned.  Her sessions have helped me to visualize the life that I want without everyday stresses and anxiety getting in the way and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Katie DiscordiaTeacher and Mom