Kali Christman

After my sessions, my emotions feel more balanced, my joint aches only occur under large amounts of stress (which is remedied with my sessions), I love myself more, and I truly feel cared for! My job is more enjoyable, I find more love and value in my relationships, and I am more content with who I am and am excited for the opportunity for new potential that I didn’t recognize before.

My sessions made me feel relaxed and that my concerns are legitimate and that what I’m feeling is not part of my imagination, but a part of me that was being suppressed or over worked. Dr. Stephania helped me find the source of these imbalances and without putting anything into my body, has helped me improve my ability to handle stresses and remain balanced.

I’ve never found anyone or anything that digs as deep as my sessions with Dr. Stephania. I find I have a lot of “light bulb” moments during my sessions, and I am blown away by what Dr. Stephania can find with a few questions – she’s always dead on! Often times when I fail to find words to describe my thoughts and feelings, she knows exactly what I am trying to describe, like she’s been in my brain and can make sense of all of the pieces. I’ve never had this sense of wholeness before, because I’ve never had someone who looks at me as a whole. When you’re with Dr. Stephania, you become whole.”

Kali Christman
Dr. Aviva Wertkin

I have been very impressed with Dr Sciamano’s ability to remotely assess and treat energetic obstacles that were interfering with my life. The first time she did a remote healing for me I didn’t provide any specific concerns but asked that she address whatever was the most essential energetically.

When we spoke afterwards, I could confirm for her that she had honed in on exactly what had been going on for me and that she had successfully cleared the problem. Before she even called to tell me she had done the clearing I had begun feeling an improvement in my energy and mood. That was on a Saturday morning after a really exhausting week and I was trying to get ready for a large event.

Before her remote healing, I was feeling incredibly drained both physically & emotionally. So much so that I didn’t think I’d be able to go. After Dr Sciamano did the remote healing I genuinely felt revitalized. I have since asked her to “check on me” remotely and she has again been able to accurately assess the situation. I would highly recommend Dr Sciamano for anyone who is interested in addressing energetic, emotional and spiritual obstacles to feeling their best. 


Dr. Aviva WertkinNaturopathic Doctor and Spiritual Healer

Private Spiritual Retreat

Dr. Stephania put me at ease the minute that I walked in the door.  We laid out the day and I was relaxed.

The thing that struck me was her undivided attention.  I am amazed that she was able to hold her concentration.  This was the first time that I had gotten this kind of care.  I never felt judged, tired, or overwhelmed (and I was afraid that I would).

I feel like I now have a road map and an understanding of my issues with my lungs, and how that connects to my mind. It all makes sense.

I never really knew how to work through things of my past.  It all just kept coming back because I just tried to will it away.  Now, I have a different way of thinking about it.

Before I started working with Dr. Stephania, I felt hopeless.  I just wanted to live and to feel good and make my contributions and not feel like it is never enough.  I now think that I can overcome it.

I now have the hope and the tools to do the work for myself.  I feel like I have the focus on exactly what that work is instead of just grabbing at random things.  It is now personalized.

I also thought that it was amazing that I got an amethyst as a gift.  This is my stone!

Name WithheldOne Very Private Corporate Professional Woman

Private Spiritual Retreat

My Spiritual Retreat Day was so much easier than I thought it would be.  I thought that it was going to be wrenching because all my life I thought that I was going to have to fall apart to rebuild, but it wasn’t like that.  This day was enabled me to take all the pieces and see where they fit and put them in order.

I feel like I can now see why I do the same things over and over.  I now have the freedom to choose what I say and do.  Today answered a lot of questions and cleared up a lot.  A lot of the questions that I have had in life were related to what we healed today.

The day was so easy and went by really quickly.  I felt totally safe.  I thought that it would be hard to have all of the focus on me, but is was easy and empowering.  My body feels so refreshed.  I am amazed at how I was able to tune into my body, with the help of Dr. Stephania.

Heidi ZenieCollege Professor

Private Spiritual Retreat

My Spiritual Retreat Day was enlightening and awesome.  Some of what came up was what I had always suspected was underneath, but now it has come to light.  Even though I was nervous, the feel of the day was so relaxed.  There is more ease in my thoughts.  I know that I can move forward and feel better.  I have more self-confidence and can express my needs without the fear of being misunderstood.

Wendy HolowatyRetired Business Owner
Janet Jones

I was not getting the medical attention that I needed, from other doctors to help with my chronic illnesses. Then, I found a wonderful, compassionate and awesome healer in Dr. Sciamano.

During my consultation it was unlike any I have ever experienced. She listen intently and gave me a plan of action. Within 2 weeks I began to feel more energetic and alive. I felt like myself again renewed and revived.

My follow up visits proved to be even more rewarding.

Dr Sciamano reads people very well and the transition was an excellent choice for me. She explains what happens to my soul, body, and spirit and how it connects to my life. I began to understand a new way. Somehow this all feels natural to me. I feel the divine connection and experience healing on a deeper emotional, physical and spiritual level. I am able to turn within and tap into my hearts wisdom. My life has been enriched by Dr Sciamano as a guide in my healing journey. Life is good and continues to improve.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Janet JonesMedical Assistant
Becky Mashuta

Words can’t express how grateful I am for the healing I received from you last night. I was experiencing crippling anxiety after being exposed to so many different energies at a networking event. I didn’t realize it at the time that these low vibes were attaching to me! It brought me such relief to know you were available to help me.. This is definitely something I didn’t have time to live with. I was amazed at how fast you worked.

Moments after texting you I could feel the pain in my neck and the anxiety in my chest lifting. 10 minutes later the anxiety was completely gone and I was able to think clearly again. My neck pain was totally gone by the next morning. Your service is a gift that I am grateful to have access to. THANK YOU for clearing me. As a professional business woman who needs to be clear headed every moment of every day, you and your services are PRICELESS!


Becky MashutaSpiritual Interpreter, Business Coach, and Retail Store Owner
Sharon Cline

Dr. Sciamano’s Soul Prescription Session was ultimately transforming. Even though the session was done remotely I connected with everything she experienced. I was having extreme pain in my knees, lower back and shoulder before the session. Afterwards I felt immediate relief. I also felt a sense of freedom. Having been locked in a job that is very demanding and rigid it was wearing me down. The day after the session I was able to relax at work and be myself. This session allowed my body to release emotions that were holding me back and causing me pain. Unlike traditional medicine that has a pill with many possible side effects and only works on covering the problem, the work that Dr. Sciamano does gets at the root cause of your pain and emotions. It is truly a transforming experience. I highly recommend Dr. Sciamano.

Sharon ClineBrain Gym Coach, Reiki Master
Mollie Girton

For me, spiritual healing is essential.  Dr. Stephania is very intuitive and uses a host of knowledge and experience in her sessions.  Sometimes I know what I need to work on and sometimes I’m at a loss but through the shamanic work, we are guided to what the focus is for the session.

Sometimes the result is immediate and I feel remarkably better.  Sometimes it is an awakening to a issue that needs more work by me personally, I need to mull it thru and meditate on it, perhaps go back for more work.  It’s always a work in progress but I can physically feel when I need to make an appointment with Stephania for assistance in this process.  It is not a quick fix – but it is a lasting fix with results which include feeling calmer and more at ease, centered.

My husband has an extremely stressful job and he sees Stephania as well – we both feel that we handle life much more easily – less stress, better outlook, better able to see and deal with the areas in life which are challenging for us with the added plus of being healthier.


Mollie GirtonReflexologist
Marie Mozzi

Why is that we as woman can not release the notion of doing everything ourselves?  I am no exception to that rule!

I reached out and connected with Dr. Stephania, in search of a bit of balance in my life.  How fortunate I have been to work with her !

With Dr. Stephania’s help, I was able to conquer food sensitivities and erase brain fog, bloating and overall uneasiness from my mind and my body.   Through shamanic healing I found balance and peace in a hectic and fast paced life.  I learned to slow down, stay present and listen to my body.

Dr. Stephania’s direction and support in all our sessions have made a difference in not only my overall health, but in my self confidence, direction and my search for truly working toward my true passion.   What a difference this approach to good health has made in my life.  I will stay the course and continue to work with Dr. Stephania!!

Marie MozziNutrition and Fitness Expert
Karen Marbuger

Dr. Stephania is so perceptive and really hits the nail on the head.  I am amazed at the connection b/w stress over my current situation and ingrained thoughts that I have.  It has been a journey for me to realize that it is all connected, the spiritual, the mental, and the physical.

After my last session, the pain in my neck was gone within minutes.  I noticed a significant difference when we addressed it on the level of my emotions and my mindset, instead of just looking at what was physically happening.  Part of what I have gained in working with Dr. Stephania is I see my ability to help my daughter, so that she doesn’t have suffer from the physical effects of her emotions.

Karen Marbuger
Dale Brinson

I first met Dr Stephania about 8 years ago when I was mentally and physically exhausted. That first day I could see and feel that she is a true healer with my highest good as her only focus.

I also spiritual work with her, which was new to me, but from that first experience I felt more peaceful and knew this was something I would continue. Through the years I have seen improvements in every aspect of my life. I am so much healthier, energetic and more capable of dealing with life’s problems.

With distance healing, with Dr. Stephania, I feel so calm and relaxed. Very peaceful and comfortable and more able to deal with life’s stresses.

I am forever grateful to Dr Stephania for working with me to achieve this amount of emotional and physical healing. I will continue to seek out her exceptional care in distance spiritual healing.

Dale BrinsonDental Assistant
Katie Discordia

I believe people are put into your life for a reason.  I met Dr. Stephania in 2011 and have been seeing her ever since.  My original reason for seeing her was because I was tired ALL the time and I wanted to take a more natural approach to fixing this.  She was able to help me right away and also took the time to not only figure out what was going on inside my body, but she also tapped into how I was doing mentally and emotionally.  With her help and guidance, I realized how much of an impact my mental state had on my physical state.  I left her office feeling more balanced, renewed, and aligned.  Her sessions have helped me to visualize the life that I want without everyday stresses and anxiety getting in the way and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Katie DiscordiaTeacher and Mom
Lyndsay Meiklem Dean

I have been a client of Dr. Sciamano for many years. What always impresses me about her practice is the level of warmth and gratitude I feel within the very professional atmosphere she creates. She is one of the best listeners I have ever met and her suggestions and insights have always been absolutely spot on no matter what we discuss. She has an incredible gift for allowing her own intuitive abilities to act as a conduit to serve her clients with utmost attention to the individual. I have referred many friends to her over the years and will continue to sing her praises!

Lyndsay Meiklem DeanYoga Studio Owner, The Vegan Potter
Merle Lee

Working with Dr. Stephania has brought more awareness to the missing piece in my journey to wellness. Once I learned to embrace the physical aspects of wellness – nutrition and exercise, I always seemed to slip back into old habits. The missing piece for me was the wellness of the spirit. Our sessions centered around identifying long buried hurts and fears that unconsciously impact everyday thoughts and actions as well as clearing blocked energy pathways in the body. After our sessions, I felt a renewed sense of confidence and an overall feeling of calm. I also experienced relief in some areas of chronic discomfort after the energy clearing. As with any lasting change, practice is key and she provided tools to practice between sessions that I will continue to use going forward.

Merle Lee
Cindy Magowan

It has only been a month since I began my body, mind and spiritual healing journey with Dr. Stephania Sciamano. The experience so far has been life changing. Talking with Dr. Stephania is like talking with a long time friend. She holds no judgement and is an intuitive, caring, patient, supportive and compassionate Spiritual Healer. She allowed my to purge emotion without shame.

After I left my first session, I felt lighter, like a heavy weight had been lifted from my body. These healing sessions bring me enlightenment. I have become a much happier and more positive individual.

I cannot recommend anyone more highly and I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to experience her mind, body and spirit healing work. Dr. Stephania is a genuine healer who brings wisdom and love to everything she does, unlike some healers who are just in it for the money. I’ve very happy to say that Dr. Stephania Sciamano is the real deal.

Cindy Magowan
Louise Anderson Nicolosi

I’m generally happier and I have an inner peace that extends through to everything I feel and do. I feel like I am connected to a Universe of infinite knowledge and deep caring. Stuff doesn’t stress me out like it used to…and if something does concern me, Stephania has not only opened my connection to this source of healing and knowledge, but also taught me wonderful tools to connect and find answers.

Louise Anderson NicolosiAnimal Physical Therapist

I feel like I’m getting personalized care – Dr. Stephania is thoughtful and caring and is truly motivated to solve whatever ailments I present to her, in addition to achieving my goals towards better health.

Being able to communicate via email is extremely helpful and fits well within my busy lifestyle.

Meeting with Dr. Stephania on a monthly / bi-monthly basis has helped me maintain my path towards better health. She always offers her encouragement and support!”

Tracy Harasimowitz

Dr. Stephania is passionate about what she does and very knowledgeable in her field. I at once felt very comfortable in her presence. All my visits with her felt relaxed and unrushed. Dr. Stephania assisted in my sense of overall well-being and was also able to tell which internal organs may need support.  My energy level increased dramatically as we worked  my adrenals. Dr. Stephanie  used specific energy techniques with me and has many skills to draw from. I would readily recommend her to a friend or family member – and have done so.

Cathy HillYoga Instructor

Dr. Stephania has been a blessing for me as I travel my Health and Wellness Journey.  My sessions with Dr. Stephania are via the telephone, as I sit in my car!

She has the ability to work amazing things. She assess my needs and helps me organize and clean out my ” excess stuck stuff”. I am able to look inward and recognize what I need to do and why I am not putting into practice healthy living habits, and a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Stephania has amazing intuitive abilities and I always take away from our sessions lots of food for thought!

Nina BranniganRN

What sets Dr. Sciamano apart from the typical doctor is the fact that she treats a patient not just as physical body, but as a person. She has a keen insight into the emotional and psychological aspects of illness, and uses that insight to treat the person’s condition, not just the symptoms. And she gets great results. A problem I had suffered with for years, and that other doctors were unable to effectively treat, she was able to diagnose and promptly resolve.

Bob Rossier

Bob RossierFree Lance Writer

I feel that all is improving in my life. I am back to balance… Yahoo! I am grounded and centered once again. Every facet (meditation, diet, family, work..) is back on track. My back pain has returned to its normal state and my lungs and head are prospering as well. It’s nice to have Dr. Stephania as my healer.

Patti BrownTeacher