How is working with you DIFFERENT than other doctors?

I have uncanny intuition that I use to pinpoint exactly what is going on for you.  I can actually see the truth, so there is no point in hiding it.

I provide a truly holistic approach to healing, mixing physical and spiritual.

Each session is designed to help you drop the exhaustion and feel better physically and plus get you what you really need to stop feeling anxiety and start feeling peace.

And it’s not all raw veganism, years of meditation, and ugly-cry snot fest.  But, my work is not a spectator sport and it will require that you get on board.

I’ve already gone to therapy and talked about my past, how is this different?

You don’t have to spend hours hashing it all out again.  That’s not what I do.  But, you do tell me part of your story.  I start clearing old pain and trauma on the first visit, so that you get results right away.

How fast will I feel better?

My clients get a burst of clarity and comfort after the 1st session.

Don’t I have to fall apart to be put back together?

Only if you choose to believe that.  Because that is not the only way.

I know, it feels like digging into your emotions is probably going to be wrenching, like you have to fall apart to be put back together.  Au contraire.  My work isn’t like that.

I assure you, that your session will enable you to take all the pieces and see where they fit.  You just show up with the puzzle of your life and I will help you put it together, so that you can understand it and make peace with it.

Do I have to make a ton of lifestyle/dietary changes in order to get results?

Our ultimate goal will be to get you beyond the physical forms of healing and make way for a newer life where everything feels better, flows better and is full of prosperity and success.

If I feel that you really need a supplement to speed up your healing, I will let you know.

What if I need medical testing to rule out anything serious?

If you need a diagnostic test, we can discuss that.

But, I assure you that these sessions are not about chasing numbers.  They are about healing the reason that your painful patterns exist, on a soul level, instead of just the physical level.

Do I have to relive my childhood? I don’t want to go through that again.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you rehash all of your childhood memories. That’s not what I do.

Relax, love.  I think that you will be surprised by how fun this is going to be.

Why is this route preferred over other forms of healing?

Your emotions create your thoughts and your body.  And your emotions are affected by the health of your spiritual immune system and what your soul is going through.  If we want to heal your body and mind, we must clear out and make sense of the emotional “ick”.

Shamanic healing actually CLEARS it out!

If you want to improve:

  • Your physical health
  • Your emotional health
  • Your relationships
  • Your self-confidence
  • Your career or your business
  • Your sense of purpose
  • Or even your intuition

It is all the same thing, just different facets of you!!!  All of this heals remarkably well with Shamanic Healing.

The best way is to get the all around life that you want is to heal on the soul level.

What can I expect in the process?

Your session will be on Zoom.  At your session, we dive into exactly what is going on for you.

We will talk physical issues if need be.  Then, we will go a step deeper and show you how to heal from within to create the effortless, balanced life you deserve.

Although we may have an ultimate goal in mind, each time we meet, you will have a chance to discuss anything new that needs to be addressed.  Everything going on for you matters

Will this hurt/is there any discomfort?

You will not feel any pain during your sessions.  In fact, most of my clients much less pan afterward.

You might find, however, that stored emotions come up to be released and healed.  That is all a part of the healing process and a good sign.  I am here to support you through that.  This is my specialty and you are not alone.

Will I have to take all kinds of supplements or herbs?

Although my approach is geared toward spiritual healing, I still sometimes recommend herbs, supplements, and other remedies when I think that it is necessary.

Are you able to help me manage and streamline my supplements?

Yes, absolutely.

I make practical and naturopathic recommendations for appropriate supplements, whenever that comes up.

I am happy to guide you to something that you should be taking or streamline and reduce what you take.

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing works by getting to the Root of your illness.  Shamans treat physical, mental, and emotional ailments by mending the soul.

The root of some of your concerns are:

  • Trauma
  • Heartbreak
  • Self-limiting thoughts and behaviors
  • Stuff you learned from your family
  • Stuff our society and the media tells you is true
  • Fears of not being enough, of not being loveable, and of not being secure that you just can’t explain.
  • Memories stored in your cells and DNA

A Shamanic Healer works with the energy within your body, clearing blocks and realigning the energy into its natural flow.

Is this safe/proven to work?

I believe in the accuracy, effectiveness, and integrity of this approach 100%.  My clients’ results speak for themselves.

Check out what they have to say.