About Dr. Stephania

Ultra Professional Bio

Dr. Stephania Sciamano is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.), Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, and Mom, who specializes in teaching her clients how to break through their mental and emotional patterns and limitations, so they can heal their physical bodies and transform their lives.

Using her unique style of scientific spiritual healing, her patients and clients have achieved phenomenal results, including the healing of life-long emotional wounds,  disappearance of physical pain, and more.

​Sh​e does this by teaching you to strengthen your mind, discover what is true for you, heal your inner child, and offering sound Medical Advice.

She is perpetually barefoot, giggles a lot, and whole-heartedly believes in magic.

As a Teacher of all things Spiritual Healing, activating your power to heal on all levels is her passion.

Stephania Sciamano

​Dr. Stephania Sciamano holds a Bachelor Degree in Biology and Pre-Med from Florida Atlantic University, and an N.D. Degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. She completed her residency in Family Medicine in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

​Dr. Sciamano teaches classes on Modern Shamanism locally. She has also been an adjunct professor at the University of Bridgeport (CT), teaching Dermatology.

​Above all, she is an advocate for discovering your true path to success and happiness and manifesting the love, health, and abundance you so richly deserve. She is dedicated to being a model of compassion, creative empowerment, and transformation.